John Hammond traded for J.J. Redick in part to help Milwaukee solidify its playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

"This comes down to us trying to win; us trying to remain competitive," Hammond said. "We're hoping to get an uptick from this. We haven't been playing quite as well lately and we're hoping we can at least solidify this eight-spot. We'd like to move up, try to get the seven, the six ... whatever we can do. This, for us, trying to get a piece like J.J. is about us trying to win games."

Redick and Brandon Jennings will be free agents this summer, while Monta Ellis has a player option for 2013-14.

Hammond said the Bucks will have enough room under the cap to pursue all three players.

"The great thing is we're in a position where we can address issues like that," he said. "We have no financial restrictions as we move forward in that regard. We're going to be under the cap, we could be significantly under the cap."