Having played just 18 games all season long for the Detroit Pistons and not since Dec. 15, Corey Maggette believes sitting on the bench night after night has been difficult, but the veteran forward has taken a professional approach throughout.

"We're blessed," Maggette said.  "We make a lot of money to run up and down a court and shoot a leather ball into an iron hoop."

Now, Maggette is doing just that solely in practices and shootarounds.

"You see me every day," Maggette said.  "I'm working -- working with the young guys, out on the court, in the weight room, doing everything I can do to be able to play on this team.  But situations happen the way they're going to happen.  Do I know why?  No.  Is there a reason why I shouldn't be playing?  No.  It's tough, because I am a competitor.  But there's nothing I can do about it.

"I'm not going to talk bad about my situation because it's not professional.  It's not what you're supposed to do.  To me, the thing is just to keep working.  A professional, to me, is helping the young guys, who are able to make me better.  And working with Arnie (Kander, strength and conditioning coach) has been great.  It's really helped my body out."

Maggette will be a free agent at season's end.