Kyle Korver figures to get his share of offers on the unrestricted free-agent market this summer.

 “I think I have still got, lord willing and no injuries, four or five good years, but you never know, we’ll see,” Korver said. “At this stage of my career, to be on a bad team, I just don’t want any part of that. It is good to be here. It is always good to be in the playoffs. The playoffs are a whole other world. It is a different game. It is where you make the memories. I want to play in a good culture on a good team.”

Korver, now in his 10th season, credits his longevity to a healthy lifestyle.

“You keep on getting experience. You keep on getting smarter. You learn the little tricks of the trade,” Korver said. “I don’t depend on jumping over people and running by everyone. I stay in great shape and always keep on moving, but I don’t have to necessarily hit a certain speed all the time. I feel the best I have felt in several years. One of things you learn how to do is take care of yourself and that is something I pay a lot of attention to.”