Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hopes Vince Carter is a guy that will retire with the club.

"I feel worse for Vince than I do for Dirk (Nowitzki). Vince hasn't been there and he's had two great seasons for us," Cuban said. "And he's just a first-class guy who busts his (tail) every game. You never look at Vince and say he's taking a play off. I'm proud that he's on the Mavericks. The guy lays it out every time. I can't put it any other way. He's one of those guys I want to retire here."

Carter is signed through the 2013-14 season.

"I hope so," Cuban said when asked if Carter would play for Dallas after his contract expires. "The current trend is, as guys get older, they lose a little weight and I think Vince is athletic enough and smart enough and genetically gifted enough that if he goes on that same Steve Nash, Dirk, Tim Duncan path, where you lose a little bit of weight every year and keep your spring, he's a genetic freak.

"He can play for more than a year, easily. He'll be cranking those motorcycle handles for a while."