Masai Ujiri will enter a Denver Nuggets' offseason following a six-game elimination in the first round of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors without a contract of his own as general manager.

Ujiri called the loss to the Warriors disappointing, but is still confident of the Nuggets' future.

“I think it’s nothing that we need to panic about,” Ujiri said. “We will fix it. We knew we had a growing team and there would be growing pains, and we will fix the problems.”

The Nuggets won a franchise-record 57 games in the regular season.

“We just built a team that we thought could grow,” Ujiri said. “And they really played hard, the team started to come together.”

Ujiri was asked if the Nuggets are constructed in a flawed way to compete in the playoffs.

“I have to take responsibility, too. We built the team. Are there flaws in the roster? Are there things that we need to tweak or change? We have always said it’s a young team, it’s the third-youngest team in the NBA. There’s going to be some growing up to do. Maybe this was part of it.”