MIAMI – In the twilight of a 16-year NBA career, Chauncey Billups believes that he would be successful as a head coach after he finishes playing, but he has instead always focused on becoming part of an organization’s front office.

“My desire was never to coach, but it’s funny because I’m actually coaching as I’m playing now,” Billups said Sunday night in a room inside American Airlines Arena. “Do I think that I could probably be a good coach because of my experiences? Of course, of course. I know how to handle different egos. I know how to manage guys’ expectations.

“I could be good, but my desire has always been a front office, president or GM role; [to] put the team together.”

Billups, 36, said in the Los Angeles Clippers’ exit interviews that he will spend the offseason continuing to improve his health and prepare for next season.

“As my career winds down, I’ll be open to anything,” Billups said. “I’d be best served in the front office.”