Dwight Howard will go on a brief vacation out of Los Angeles after hearing pitches from the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors over the past three days.

Before the start of free agency, a source said that Howard was expecting to make a decision by July 10 when the NBA's moratorium ends.

By getting away, a sources says Howard will "weight everything out."

Most reports indicate that Howard will decide between the Rockets and Lakers, though the Mavericks have certainly not been ruled out. The Hawks and Warriors have been given little to no shot to acquire Howard.

"The bottom line is will he take the chance to play for the biggest team, biggest fan base and winningest franchise?," said a source familiar with the Lakers' pitch.

Howard was "indecisive," according to a source in the Howard meeting with the Lakers that spoke with Chris Broussard.