Chandler Parsons did not rest in his recruitment of Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets.

“Chandler was relentless,” explained a source close to the situation.  “[Chandler] called and texted [Dwight] every day, even face-timed and would answer every question Dwight could potentially have.  We would drive to his house in the hills and talk to him.  Basically Chandler Parsons recruited him like Nick Saban and a 5-star defensive tackle; they hardly knew each other at beginning of process.”

Parsons and Howard are represented by the same agent, Dan Fegan -- which may have allowed Parsons access to Howard.

One report stated Howard was “50-50” between the Rockets and Lakers as late as Friday night.

“Dwight didn’t waffle at all,” said the source.  ”It was all contrived for clicks.  No other team could win next year, and he developed a good friendship with Chandler.  There is no one on the Rockets more responsible for D12 in Houston than Chandler.  He would be in Dallas, or with the Golden State Warriors, or stayed in LA without him.”