Entering the offseason, Jordan Hill received an assignment from Mike D'Antoni: Become an outside threat to stay on the court next season.

“He talked about what I need to work on for this coming summer,” Hill said. “My jump shot -- he definitely wanted me to work on my outside jumper.”

“That’s mostly what I’ve been focusing on this whole summer, not so much the post work because I know I can go down to the block and easily get an offensive rebound and putback. We got Pau Gasol that can focus on the paint and we got Chris Kaman that can focus on the block. So I just want to be a stretch 4. Just try to spread the floor a little bit, just show a little range. I’ve been working on it the whole summer, trying to focus on that, on my 3-ball. It got a lot better. I’m just ready to put it all together and showcase it.”

According to NBA.com Stats Cube, Hill shot 35.7 percent from 5-9 feet last season and 30.8 percent from 15-19 feet.