Vinny Del Negro coached Lamar Odom on the Los Angeles Clippers last season and played in 2000 and 2001 when Odom was starting his career in the NBA.

Del Negro believes that Odom can still be a contributor for a team, amid off the court issues.

"Lamar can still play," Del Negro said. "It's not the basketball skills that are the problem. Once he gets himself in shape and gets his mind wrapped around basketball, he can help somebody."

Del Negro said he hates how quickly people will "knock a guy when he is down."

"He is a good guy, a good teammate," Del Negro said. "Everybody liked him. There were no issues.

"I understand he is going through a lot right now. It is never easy. He has always had some difficult obstacles and they weigh on him a lot. You feel bad, but you hope he is all right."