The Milwaukee Bucks are 3-15 after losing both members of their starting backcourt from last season, Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, in free agency.

Jennings and Ellis are both playing well with their new teams.

"It's the situation he's in," Jennings said of Ellis' explosion.  "He's on a team where they need somebody to score.  Dirk (Nowitzki) is not that scorer like he used to be. He still can do it, don't get me wrong. But he (Ellis) is in a situation kind of like he was in at Golden State, before Stephen Curry and all of them got there. So he's the main scorer and he's the guy."

The pairing of Jennings and Ellis was ill-fitted.

"We're two players that need the ball," said Jennings.

"Here, I can just run the team," Jennings said.  "I'm playing with an unbelievable frontcourt. My assists are high, higher than they ever have been so far, which I'm really happy about. I'm just finding guys and just learning how to control the game down the stretch and win."