Doc Rivers was adamant the Los Angeles Clippers are still searching for consistency on the defensive end of the floor to become an elite team, admitting the team is up and down on a nightly basis.

“We have not crossed that threshold yet, where we’re consistent and every time you see us play, you say ‘Man. I know they talk and I know their offense is efficient, but they’re a heck of a defensive team,’” Rivers said. “When you look at us now, you say, ‘When they play, they can play defense.’

"We have to cross that threshold to be an elite team.”

The Clippers rank 10th in the NBA in defensive efficiency, allowing 104.6 points per 100 possessions. They are giving up 100.4 points per game, 14th in the NBA.

“Our numbers say we’re better than what I think we are, at times,” Rivers said. “…I think we’ve shown that we can do it, in quarters, even in games and even in stretches. We’ll go three or four games doing it, but it has to be a consistency thing. That’s our next step.”