Shaun Livingston is grateful to the Brooklyn Nets, Jason Kidd and the system that has contributed to his career season, and the veteran guard understands he could accept a more lucrative deal in free agency instead of a lesser offer from the Nets.

“(My enjoyment with Brooklyn and how I fit) definitely plays a factor. You have to weigh your situations, your options. The reason I’m in a situation where I can demand a contract is because I’m playing for this team, this coach, this system,” he said. “I realize that and I’m not over my head. But at the same time, it’s a business. You have to look at it like (the next contract) could always be your last.

“Especially me.”

Livingston, who suffered a significant knee injury in 2007 that nearly ended his career, is posting career-highs this season in minutes (25.3), points (7.9), rebounds (3.0) and steals (1.22).

Livingston has heard the worries from Nets fans about the team possibly losing him in free agency. The Nets can’t go over the cap to sign Livingston because they don’t own his Bird Rights. He might command more than the three-year, $10 million they can offer him.

“Everybody wants to be wanted. Hell, yeah it feels good with everything I’ve been through,” he said. “It’s better than hearing, ‘Get him out of here.’ It’s like an opposite situation for me.

“(Free agency) will be different. I had one year (in 2010 when he signed a two-year deal, $7 million deal with the Bobcats) where it was like, okay, a little bit (of hype), but it’s not the same as this. Not even close,” he said. “I don’t even know what to expect. My thing has been no expectations."