Jeanie Buss gave an interview with Time Warner Cable SportsNet on Wednesday in which she talked about the state of the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Ultimately the buck stops with me," she said. "I'm president and governor of the team and I have empowered the basketball operations, the front office, to put together a basketball team, working within the confines of the collective-bargaining agreement."

Buss is in charge of the business operations, while Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak run the basketball operations.

"We never got the opportunity to do the farewell tour for Magic Johnson," Buss said. "Kobe, by signing that deal, will have played 20 years for one organization. I guarantee that won't happen again.... To have the kind of longevity that he's had makes it extremely special, and I think that Lakers fans understand that."

Buss is not concerned with how Bryant's salary will impact the Lakers' salary cap in 2014 and 2015.

"Too much attention is being paid to salary cap and all that kind of stuff, which is important," she said. "Why can't we just talk about the players ... and how a basketball team comes together and not focus on slotting and cap space?

"I don't wear a hat and a T-shirt with 'cap space' on it," she added. "I have complete confidence in Jimmy and Mitch to put together the kind of team that Lakers fans are used to."