Steve Kerr admitted he did not have a reaction to the reported Kevin Love trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Golden State Warriors have also been involved in discussions for Love, but they were unwilling to part with Klay Thompson. Kerr is entering his first season as Warriors' head coach and is comfortable with the current roster.

"All indications are that this is the group we're going forward with, but you never say never," Kerr said. "You never know what's going to happen, and ultimately that's not my job. I'm coaching the team that's here, but there's no question that we feel very confident and comfortable with the group that we have."

Kerr mentioned Thompson and David Lee as "automatic" starters for next season along with Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut.

"Andre (Iguodala) started last year, which he probably will (again), but there's a lot of options that we have because we've got really good players in Harrison (Barnes) and Draymond (Green)," Kerr said, adding that he would likely use the same lineup as last season. "But most of it usually comes down to how the combination fits. ... How do the pieces of the puzzle fit?"