The Atlanta Hawks spent 90 percent of practice time to defense and they now rank second in the NBA in points allowed per possession.

The Hawks have been ranked first in the NBA during 2016 by a wide margin.

Opposing teams figured out how to slow down the Hawks' offense, but they hope it can be as good as it was during the 14-15 regular season again.

"Our offense hasn't been there, so our defense has had to be better," Kyle Korver said. "There has been growth in the team because of that realization. And now we're starting to figure some things out offensively. I think we peaked too early last year. Hopefully this year, our best basketball is ahead of us."

The Hawks rank second in the NBA in forcing turnovers.

"The turnover thing is weird for me," Mike Budenholzer says. "I didn't dream for 20 years about coaching a team that would create turnovers."

The Hawks swarm without gambling or fouling.