Kevin Durant will take his time before beginning to consider his options in free agency.

“To be honest, I promise you I haven’t thought about that,” Durant said. “It’s hard to think about that. Especially right now, especially when you’re battling every single day. It’s hard. Give me a couple weeks and talk to me then, but I just don’t know right now, man.”


Durant was proud of the way the Thunder played in the playoffs.

“From (fellow free-agent-to-be) Dion (Waiters) to Enes to Andre, Steven – this is his first time as a starter playing, in this type of atmosphere as one of the main guys,” Durant said. “(Veteran) Randy (Foye) never made it to the Western Conference Finals, and he played a lot. Anthony Morrow had never made it to the playoffs, so I was just proud of how everyone just stayed in the moment and enjoyed it. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

“I see bright things for this team,” he added. “And it’s great to be a part of it.”