Stephen Curry scored 15 points on 4-for-11 shooting to go with three turnovers in the Warriors' 109-108 loss to the Cavaliers.

Steve Kerr said he wasn't focused on Curry's shooting woes. His issues were with his floor general's carelessness with the ball.

"I think he can be a little smarter, I think he can make better decisions, and that'll help against anybody," Kerr said. "But I'm not worried about him missing shots; I'm more worried about just decision-making and making sure that we're where we need to be as a group."

The Warriors had 20 turnovers and blew a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter.

"A lot of [the turnovers] early was not even due to the pressure," Kerr said in general of his team. "It was more just decision-making. Around-the-back passes in the paint, silly plays. We just have to make simple plays, and we talk about that all the time, but we've got to make it more of a habit."

It was clear who Kerr was addressing in that quote as this has been an ongoing issue.