Mike Conley Jr. was asked for his opinion on the state of the Memphis Grizzlies now that they've struggled during the 17-18 season and fired David Fizdale.

"It’s different, man," said Conley. "At the beginning of the season we had so much optimism with how it started. Now, everything has been flipped. It’s been a 180 [-degree turn] with the way we’ve been playing, the coaching changes and things like that. It’s different, but we have to keep plugging away."

Conley was also asked how he took the firing of Fizdale.

"It was tough, man. He did a lot for each individual guy. He did a lot for me and my game. There is nothing new that has not been already said about him. But he’s a great guy, and we just wish him the best."

Marc Gasol was widely blamed for Fizdale's firing and Conley was asked if he spoke with his longtime Memphis teammate about it.

"We talked. I think Marc’s intentions are solely about the team. He didn’t want any of this to happen. I didn’t think so. It was also frustrating for all of us. It was tough for Marc, myself and probably the older guys on the team who have built this foundation to see the state that we are in."