The Houston Rockets are unlikely to make a major move at the deadline.

“It’s going to be hard to do anything,” Daryl Morey said. “When our guys are healthy, we have lost (once.) Obviously, my job is my job. I’m pretty cognizant I have something special right now.”

Morey also dismissed the possibility clearing cap space for 2018 before the deadline.

“We’re very focused on this year,” Morey said. “There’s very few times in anyone’s career you get as close as we are right now and we recognize that.”

“We don’t address it,” Mike D’Antoni said. “There will be a lot of rumors, I’m sure. We have a lot of vets They know what the deal is. They just do their job. I’m sure people around the league are anxious. It’s just human nature. If we don’t talk about it, I’m sure they have people in their circle reading everything.”