The Houston Rockets sat out the trade deadline but will seek depth pieces on the buyout market.

"We're feeling good about potential buyout players," Morey said. "Obviously, we'll see how that materializes over the next few days, but we think there are players who could be available that could help us. We'd be looking for depth. It would be hard to get someone who would play.

"It would be hard for us to get someone as good as Gerald (Green). He's playing extremely well. But there are some solid players, veteran guys who have helped veteran teams in the past, who could be available. We're optimistic about one buyout if not more that maybe would work."

Morey described how the Rockets joined an exclusive club of teams that find it hard to find a meaningful upgrade via trade due to the strength of their existing team.

"For teams who are already loaded, it's very hard to improve the rotations," Morey said. "Most teams were in future mode. Those are the deals that happened."