The Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks were two teams that wanted to select Giannis Antetokounmpo on draft night in 2013.

"Atlanta was really determined to get him," said Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod. 

"I will submit the Danny Ferry sob story about this one," replied Brian Windhorst.

"Danny Ferry, Wes Wilcox were really focused on him," said Wojnarowski. "And Masai (Ujiri) had a deal in Toronto. Masai was working with Oklahoma City on a possible trade. I think Oklahoma City was at ten that year and they took Steven Adams. Ten or 11, or 12. Somewhere in there. Once (Steven) Adams made it to the Thunder, there was no trade. But I think if Adams would have been taken ahead of them, Oklahoma City may have traded out of there and Toronto would have gotten him. 

"The mythology of Giannis' draft year, because it was a horrendous draft. Especially at the top."

The pick owned by the Thunder that year coincidentally was Toronto's, which they dealt to the Rockets for Kyle Lowry and was then moved to Oklahoma City in 2012 for James Harden.

Ujiri had just been hired by the Raptors and they were widely expected to embark on a rebuild, but they instead pivoted to becoming an Eastern Conference contender around Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.

The Hawks owned the 17th pick, two slots behind the Bucks at No. 15, which they ultimately used on Dennis Schroder.