Kobe Bryant will not be in any free agent meetings with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.

Bryant remains close to the Lakers' front office due to his relationship with Magic Johnson and his former agent Rob Pelinka.

"Well, no. I mean, I’ll call, but I’m not going to be in the meeting," said Bryant. "Listen, I’m not part of the organization in any kind of professional way, right? If the players themselves have questions, [I’ll talk to them]. Or if the Lakers want me to reach out and call a player or something like that – if they want me to talk to the player and give my two cents on what it was like to play here and what this market is like – I’ll certainly do that. But in terms of being part of the meeting in any official way? The answer is no.

But Rob and Magic both have great flexibility when it comes to the cap and they have great young talent. And I’ve known Rob for a longtime; this dude is as smart as they come, so he’ll figure it out.