Steve Kerr spoke about what he expects DeMarcus Cousins to add to the Golden State Warriors from a stylistic point of view.

"I think it’s going to be fascinating," said Kerr. "I think we’ve had a style of play here that we’ve been successful with. So we adapted a little bit when (Kevin Durant) got here and we’re going to have to adapt it some more with DeMarcus. He’s not a player that you just say, 'Go complement those guys.' He’s a dominant figure. And so you have to account for that. We have to account for it as a staff and try to give the team a vision for how this can work and then everybody has to sacrifice.

"It’s why we talked with Kevin and Draymond (Green) and Steph, Andre (Iguodala) about all this stuff because it’s going to be different, it’s going to feel different, but I think it’s important to keep evolving. You know the league keeps chasing us. Everybody’s getting better; you saw what Houston did. You’re seeing everybody switch everything against us. They’ve kind of figured out a set of rules to try to defend us. It doesn’t mean it’s going to work, but they’re constantly tweaking and adding and trying to figure us out. I think this gives us a whole ‘nother dimension that they’ll have to account for so we’re just trying to stay ahead of the pack."

Kerr spoke with Cousins before an agreement was reached.

"Sure. That was a prerequisite," said Kerr of the conversation. "I wanted to talk to him about how this was going to work and I told him a little bit about KD’s transition into the team and how there is sacrifice involved, but the sacrifice is relative. It depends how you look at it. If you want to win, if you want to be part of a great team, is that really sacrificing?

"So DeMarcus is a really smart basketball player. He’s a great passer and we talked a lot about how this gives us the option to throw the ball into the post to him and play our style with all the shooters around him but with the ability to get right to the rim too. With a big man. We’ve had that a little bit with David West but not this type of power and size down there. So there’s going to be a new dimension, but I told him there’s also going to be six straight possessions where you’re only going to see the ball because we’re playing so fast we’re jacking it up. Steph’s shooting, Klay (Thompson)’s shooting, KD’s shooting. So you have to understand this is not going to be the usual for you where you’re getting all these touches, but he understands all that. That’s the key.

"He understands that it’s going to be a different role for him, but he’s excited about it. He wants to win. He’s never played in the playoffs. He’s played with these guys before, some of them in the Olympics and Team USA, but we needed to talk about all that to create an awareness and an understanding before we all sort of committed to this. It’s not necessarily going to be easy, but we all have to commit to the team and go for it."