Dwyane Wade has apparently ruled out playing in China as he was posed the question on Saturday.

“Heat only," said Wade. "If I play the game of basketball this year it will be in a Miami uniform. If I don’t, I’ll be living in Miami or somewhere else probably.”

Wade said he’s in no rush to reach a decision after finishing the 17-18 season with the Heat.

“It’s no clock for me,” Wade said. “I let my agent handle the stuff he needs to handle with Pat and them. It’s not my job to be going back and forth in the meeting with them. When the time is right for both sides to make a decision on what that is, if it it’s right, if it’s wrong, whatever the case may be, I think it will be made.

“Me and UD, Pat has said obviously, we’ve been in Miami for a while and we have the ability to say if we want to continue to play this game, continue to be leaders of the organization. But there are other things that come into play that I have to talk about and I’m sure UD has to talk about on his own. When all of that is final and the decision needs to be made it will be made.

“It’s different now. We’re not sitting down trying to figure out a $100 million contract by July 8th. It’s a different situation now. We have time.”

Wade was offered a large contract in China.