Marcus Thompson of The Athletic is getting the sense that Kevin Durant could be in his final season with the Golden State Warriors.

“Man, KD out,” Thompson said on KNBR. “I feel like he is gone… It does have that vibe, like, ‘This is it. This could be it right here.'”

Thompson explained that if the Warriors win their third straight title since signing Durant, there could be an incentive for him to pursue a new challenge.

“Here’s the hard part with KD: we don’t know what he wants,” Thompson said. “I don’t know that he knows what he wants. But I know the Warriors don’t know fully what he wants. Is it a championship, supremacy, is it to be the ace?”

Durant has won Finals MVP in each of his first two seasons with the Warriors and they are prohibitive favorites to threepeat.

“It feels like he has gotten everything he could possibly get from the Warriors, and it’s still not 100 percent like he wants to be here,” Thompson said. “If it was like a relationship, like, ‘Look, man. I gave you all I got. You still looking— you might as well just go.’ That’s how it feels.”