DeMarcus Cousins apologized to Steve Kerr following his ejection on Friday.

"We talked about it [Saturday], and he was great," Kerr said before Sunday night's game against the Brooklyn Nets. "He apologized, and I think he understands this is a different role, different team, different situation. Just got to move forward in his career, and he knows that. That kind of stuff is not going to help us win a championship, it's not going to help his reputation, and I think he understands that. And I think he immediately regretted what happened, so I really appreciated him coming to me and making that pretty clear, and I don't expect it to happen again."

Cousins and Enes Kanter reportedly were talking trash to each other during workouts, which the referees were alerted to in order to keep an eye on the situation.

"Kanter and Cousins were both warned prior to the ejection about talking to the bench," Foster told a pool reporter after the game. "Cousins took exception to the ruling, and during the timeout he was ejected for one technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct."