Spencer Dinwiddie will become eligible to sign a contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets on December 8th.

The most Brooklyn can offer Dinwiddie is $48 million over four seasons.

“Oh, I mean, I’d love to have one,” Dinwiddie said. “I’d love to be here. This organization has shown me hospitality and given me an opportunity like I haven’t had in the NBA before, so I’m definitely indebted to them, and if they decide to sign me, I’d be one of the happiest players in the league.”

Sources say a $48 million would appeal to Dinwiddie.

The Nets have to balance their commitment to Dinwiddie along with their wish for cap space. Dinwiddie has a $1.6 million cap hold and the Nets will own his Bird Rights, which would allow them to re-sign him to the same four-year, $48 million deal.

Dinwiddie isn't weighing the risk of injury against a long-term deal.

“No, not really,” Dinwiddie said. “If I didn’t want to be here, it would just be a flat out ‘no,’ and I’d tell everybody, ‘Hey, I want to go into unrestricted free agency, and that’s just what it is.’ It really, as it is now, the ball is in their court. I guess I’m always a bridesmaid so far in the NBA. I’m ready to be a bride, I guess.”