Kevin Durant had a terse press conference following the Golden State Warriors' 110-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks approximately 24 hours after his confrontation with Draymond Green.

Durant was asked if he expects to hash out his situation with Green.

“I’m sure we will. Got a long season ahead,” said Durant.

Durant was then asked if anything Green said crossed the line.

“I’m going to keep that in-house. That’s what we do here. Obviously, I know you guys got a job to do, but I’m not trying to give nobody no headlines. What happened happened. We trying to move on, play basketball.”

Durant was then asked a series of additional questions that he responded to briefly before being asked to describe the current state of his friendship with Green.

“I don’t really think that even matters at this point right now. We just had a game. Anybody going to talk about the game?”