New G League president Shareef Abdur-Rahim hopes that every team will have a G League affiliate by 2022. With the Pelicans' G League team set to begin play next season, only the Blazers and Nuggets are without an affiliate.

“To see where we are sitting now…Going towards 30 teams, the professional path, the rebranding, it’s such a great situation with so many opportunities. You’re positioned really with a great team around it. There is so much opportunity to help craft with folks, craft a vision, craft ideas, move forward," Abdur-Rahim stated.

Abdur-Rahim also noted that with recent hires such as Elton Brand and James Jones to general manager roles, the league is moving back towards valuing playing experience over analytics. The G League would also play a part in letting executives gain experience in running a team.

“You see now folks are directing back towards people with playing experience...I couldn’t have an opportunity like this without being qualified and working my way in the G League running, interning at the league office, going back to school and being in the position I have been in the last three years. That lends itself to experience and being qualified."