Rick Pitino won his EuroLeague debut with Panathinaikos, beating CSKA Moscow 96-84.

Of the atmosphere in Athens, Pitino said, "it reminded me of Kentucky...and that's the highest compliment I give any crowd. Because I've always felt that in Kentucky basketball is a religion, and the fans tonight motivated us to play that type of defense."

Pitino, whose eventual goal is to coach back in the NBA, had a viral moment after yelling at his players during a timeout. 

"My message to them was that, in watching five films, you can't win playing the type of defense that you're playing. The second thing I told them is, 'Everybody says you guys can't shoot. That's not true' -- I put them through some shooting drills. I said, 'You guys can shoot, the problem is you can't pass.' I said, 'Because you're averaging 13 assists per game and four guys are watching one. If you get ball movement and you constantly pass the basketball, you'll outshoot [your opponents] from the 3-point line".