Jeanie Buss still has complete faith in both Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka to run the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a source with knowledge of her thinking.

While Johnson and Pelinka are responsible for clearing cap space and eventually signing LeBron James, their roster construction has been criticized by some as the Lakers will miss the playoffs this season.

Buss was critical of the media during an appearance in March at the Sloan Conference, blaming "fake news" around Anthony Davis trade talks for having a negative effect on the Lakers' younger players.

Buss also was frustrated by Stephen A. Smith alleging her as the driving force behind the Lakers' decision to draft Lonzo Ball and that Johnson wanted to draft De'Aaron Fox. Johnson is known to have told Buss he had nothing to do with his message being spread.

Buss appeared on a live taping of the Sports Business Radio Road Show and described one story that made her doubt her front office.

“There was a story that came out this season — and we’ve had our challenges this season — and it kind of made me doubt for a second some of the people that I was working with,” Buss said.