The Golden State Warriors blew a 31-point lead in their Game 2 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Steve Kerr was asked if it feels strange to him for the Warriors to lose in that fashion after a dominant Game 1 win.

“It doesn’t feel strange to me, no,” Kerr told The Athletic a few minutes after his press conference. “At this stage, nothing surprises me that happens with our team and where we are.

“I was very concerned coming into this game. And in some ways, we had this coming. And we’ll see if we can actually respond to it and do something good with it.”

Stephen Curry had foul trouble in the game while Kevin Durant took only eight shots.

“Once you lose momentum in a game, against a really good team, it’s hard to get it back,” Kerr said at his press conference. “So we really lost this game mid-third quarter when we stopped playing. …

“As soon as we got up 31, we shut down.”