Tim Kawakami of The Athletic reports "most people in the NBA don't expect (Kevin) Durant to re-sign with the Warriors no matter what happens in the playoffs."

Durant has been strongly linked with the New York Knicks for months.

Kawakami suggests Durant's teammates with the Warriors are essentially attempting to overlook that issue to remain focused on trying to win the title this season.

"It’s the tacit bargain that I believe the Warriors’ headliners all made — hang together to give their shot for a three-peat and then if Durant leaves, he leaves with no apologies necessary. But there’s inherent tension in that, too, of course," writes Kawakami.

Kawakami also argues that Durant has been willing to accept that the Warriors' offense runs best through Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, but that he's their failsafe. Kawakami unofficially terms it as the 'Warriors' Grand Compromise'.