Marcus Morris criticized the Oklahoma City Thunder coaches for how they defended Damian Lillard on his buzzer-beater to win the series, and for not believing in Markieff Morris.

"You don’t trap him, you don’t do nothing. You just let him play free. He’s one of the best players in the league. Why wouldn’t you trap him? Why wouldn’t you get the ball out of his hands? I’m not a coach and I’m not trying to disregard what (Lillard is) doing, but 50? Like, come on. And you don’t trap him? At the end of the game you just let him (shoot)? I don’t care how far out he is. He was shooting damn near 60 percent from where he was shooting at, so I wasn’t surprised it went in,” said Morris about the Thunder leaving Paul George to defend Lillard on the game-winner.

He then added that the Thunder didn't give Markieff a chance to give the Blazers a different look off the bench.

“I feel like they got outcoached...And I’m not a coach or anything like that, but I feel like they just didn’t utilize their bench enough. I feel like my brother went over there for no reason. He never got an opportunity to play. I thought that he would really help them in the playoffs, but from what I seen he should have went somewhere else just to be able to show that veteran leadership and that experience. I didn’t think he got the opportunity in OKC. I think that was another big reason why they lost. I didn’t feel like they utilized all the guys they had – at all. In the NBA, these are all NBA players. And I wouldn’t even pay attention to them as much if he wasn’t on the team. I wouldn’t even really care how they coached. I don’t give a damn if they lost or won, but just the fact that he’s my brother and I know what he brings to the table, I know what we both bring to the table, I felt like OKC didn’t do him no justice," added Morris.