Damian Lillard tried to gain separation from Andre Iguodala to shoot a three-pointer with the Portland Trail Blazers down three at the end of Game 2.

Iguodala swiped the ball away with his right hand as Lillard went into his shooting motion.

"I know it's a tough position for the referees to be in to make a call at that point in the game," said Lillard. 

"Tried to get a little bit of space the first time. He grabbed my arm, and I lost the ball a little bit. I regained it, and I was going to shoot it again. He got his hand on the ball.

"For me, as the offensive player, I felt like it was contact. There was a lot of contact. But obviously, the ref is not going to decide the game or jump in at that point. You know, so ... good defensive play."