Erik Spoelstra compared Jimmy Butler's unselfish approach and focus on winning to LeBron James.

“I think it’s really rare for a star player. In that regard, he reminds me of LeBron [James]. He is so aware and mindful of his teammates and he wants his teammates to play well and be in rhythm, even at the expense of his own offense. He’s not looking at how many shot attempts he gets or how many points he’s scoring. He really just cares about the bottom line: Are we winning or not? Are we doing the right thing to put our team in position to win?" said Spoelstra on Wednesday. 

Butler said his focus during preseason was getting teammates up to speed to the pace of the game at the expense of his own stats.

Butler is averaging 8.5 points on 7.5 shots in the preseason.

“Pass the ball, guard. I want everybody else to get used to the game, especially the young guys ... When the time presents itself, I’m comfortable more than anybody. I’m just out here trying to get everybody else comfortable, man. We’re going to need everybody in this long season," said Butler.