The question of load management has been of the major storylines to start the NBA season. The Los Angeles Clippers have rested Kawhi Leonard in back-to-back games on national television on multiple occasions.

Jeff Zucker, who is chairman of WarnerMedia News & Sports and oversees Turner Sports, was asked about the weak ratings of the NBA to begin the 19-20 season.

“I think the combination of injuries and sitting out has been an issue, and I think that’s a concern, and hopefully that will get addressed over time," said Zucker. "I think the league has some influence over teams and I would like them to exert that influence."

The NBA has national television deals with Turner Sports and ESPN worth $2.66 billion per year through 24-25. The current deal was finalized approximately two years before the expiration of the prior contract.

Adam Silver has defended the practice of load management and the NBA has also considered shortening the season.