Andrew Bogut is open to returning to the NBA later this season.

Last season, Bogut played in Australia and then joined the Golden State Warriors for the end of the regular season and playoffs.

"The NBA? Yeah, possibly," Bogut told RSN radio on Tuesday.

"I doubt the Warriors will come calling because I think they're going to go, obviously, full rebuild mode," said Bogut. "But I think it's definitely feasible if it's the right situation, but I won't go back just for the sake of going back.

"An opportunity to try and win a championship will be the main thing in the NBA. I wouldn't go back to the NBA just to play in the NBA, it's more that [trying to win a title] and somewhere that I'm kind of familiar with and somewhere where I feel comfortable for the family as well would be the other priority."

Bogut would also like to win a championship in Australia. 

"I'd really like to have an NBL trophy, I think that's kind of what's driving me to get out there and be competitive and the team's faring well so we have a good chance to do that," he said.