Jabari Parker was the second overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, but he left the franchise during the 2018 offseason. Parker returned to Milwaukee as a member of the Atlanta Hawks after finding a niche in the NBA.

Parker is impressed with what the Bucks have built with Fiserv Forum.

"It's real special, man, how they were able to build this building," Parker told ESPN. "I haven't played here but just seeing like the growth of the city, I really like the way that it's developing.

"It's just so sad that I'm not able to share it with them and that they moved on, but that's fine, that's business. But I do have like a little homesickness from being here. I just miss being here."

Parker has a player option for 20-21 with the Hawks. Parker wouldn't rule out a return to the Bucks in the future.

"Never. I would never rule out a possible return here," Parker told ESPN. "I would never do that. It's just so sad how it ended and I wish I could've stayed."

Parker said his joy for the game is "almost there" again.

"It's growing continually, but in order to get that 100 percent joy and passion it comes with winning," said Parker. "I just want to be a winner."