The NBA is not sure what will happen over the coming weeks, but they would ideally like to play at least 70 regular season games in order to retain 100 percent of the revenue the league receives from their regional sports network partners that air games in local markets.

"What they would love to do is to get to 70 games," said Brian Windhorst. "And the reason is it's 70 is a key number is because that is what the deliverable is to the regional sports networks. They are promised 70 games.

"Now, just because a team like the Lakers, for example, to get to 70 games... they wouldn't necessarily be able to deliver on that because they've had a lot of national games, but getting to 70 would be helpful in retaining revenue because they wouldn't have to refund some to the local TV."

Windhorst suggests the NBA could play an abbreviated regular season when an all-clear to resume games is given that will help fulfill that requirement and also serve as a way for teams to ramp back up before the playoffs begin.

"That's the concept they're working through right now," added Windhorst. 

Teams have all played approximately 65 games.