NBA players have a force majeure condition in their contract stipulating that they lose 1/92.6 of their salary for every game missed. Players and other NBA personnel have this clause in their contracts.

"I think generally, my sense is this, if there are games canceled but there's a few regular season games left to remember, most teams have played about 20 percent of their schedule, 20 percent of their money left," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "Obviously some teams have played more games than others, but for the most part, for most players it might be that if they didn't play another games this year...I think they told the players (between) 21 and 24 percent of their salary based on those factors.

"If the league was able to finish the season. Play a few regular season games and then play the playoffs, I would be surprised if the owners even considered trying to take back the money off whatever missed games that were there. If they don't play again this year, if the season is canceled, it's different, although again the money is due April 1st and then April 15th and it will be interesting because I think as much as anything in talking to people, it will be somewhat of a negotiation because remember the owners need the players in whatever form the season comes back to, whatever next year might look like. They have to be able to work with the players on this. A lot of this is collectively bargained with the union. Don't underestimate the power the star players have in this instance over what the future landscape looks like. We're not there yet."