Daryl Morey said that Mike D'Antoni will coach the Houston Rockets when the NBA resumes its season in Orlando.

"Mike will be coaching our team. It would be such a huge disadvantage to lose him. We would never stand for that," said Morey.

Morey's statement comes on the heels of Adam Silver expressing concern for older head coaches in an interview last week, saying that older coaches may not be able to sit on the bench.

Silver walked back his comments after receiving backlash from the league's coaches.

D'Antoni, who is the league's second-oldest coach at 69-years-old, said he trusted the NBA's safety protocols.

"I know the NBA is going to make it as safe as possible for everyone involved. But there's no such thing as zero risk. I'm not worried about it because I don't think [preventing older coaches from interacting with their players on the bench] will happen," said D'Antoni.

Rick Carlisle, the president of the National Basketball Coaches Association, said that his group and the league will come to an agreement surrounding older coaches.

"It's entirely possible that an NBA coach in his 60s or 70s could be healthier than someone in their 30s or 40s. The conversation should never be solely about a person's age. Adam assured me that we would work through this together to help determine what is both safe and fair for all of our coaches."