The New York Knicks are considering Jason Kidd as a head coaching candidate and some insiders feel he's the lone threat to favorite Tom Thibodeau to get the job.

Kidd has a mixed track record as a head coach with a failed power play with the Brooklyn Nets and then the Milwaukee Bucks have gone on to have the best record in basketball each of the past two seasons following his dismissal in 17-18.

“He’s a Hall of Fame player and young innovative coach who learned from his past mistakes,’’ said one personnel man familiar with the Knicks’ interest. “I think the Knicks’ young players would relate to him. Whether a factor for Giannis, wherever [Kidd] goes to coach, that team most definitely will have a seat at that dinner table when the time comes.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo will be a free agent in 2021 and played for Kidd earlier in his career. Antetokounmpo was said to be “devastated’’ when the Bucks fired Kidd.

Kidd is currently an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“LeBron (James) loves Kidd,’’ one team executive told The Post. “But Giannis swears by him.’’