The Brooklyn Nets are giving serious consideration to keeping Jacque Vaughn as head coach, but there has been an increase in speculation that Mark Jackson will be a strong candidate for the job with potential support from Kevin Durant.  

"There's been no discussion, very little discussion about the Nets' coach," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "And I'm going to be very interested, Jackie, who gets that job. But some interesting things... If you're paying close attention to social media. Rich Kleiman, who is Kevin Durant's business partner and very influential, has been Tweeting about Mark Jackson recently.

"He hasn't Tweeted, 'I want Mark Jackson to coach the Nets', but there was a story in the New York Post just this last week where it was posited about Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd, who obviously was with the Nets before and left after one year.

"You know, (Kleiman) pretty much said he liked the idea. It is known that Mark Jackson and Kevin Durant have a good relationship. Those Tweets and the Jackson/Nets possible connection with Durant have not gone unnoticed in the NBA. There are people who are speaking about Mark Jackson as a candidate there.

"Sean Marks recently gave an interview, I believe it was a radio interview, where he just admitted that Kyrie and Kevin Durant are getting a say in the coaching decision. As they probably got a say in Kenny Atkinson's firing."

The Nets also signed Michael Beasley as a replacement player, possibly due to his ties to Durant, which is yet another signing of his influence over the franchise. Kleiman publicly applauded the signing of Beasley on Twitter.

"I mean if Durant is really running this team, if Durant and Kyrie are running this team, I can see Mark Jackson getting hired into that job," said Windhorst.