Nate McMillan highlighted the disparity in free throw attempts following the Indiana Pacers' 124-115 loss to the Miami Heat in game 3.

The Pacers, who lost the free throw battle 52-28, are down 3-0 in the series. 

Jimmy Butler had 20 free throw attempts in the game. 

"I can't explain that. I mean, 52 free throws is ridiculous. They had 24 at the half, Butler shoots 20 of them ... this is the playoffs, and I thought some of those calls were ... I can't explain it," said McMillan after the game.

Malcolm Brogdon also observed the discrepancy, but added that he didn't "know if that's a mix of the refs, us not being aggressive enough, whatever."

Erik Spoelstra said that his team were earning the free throw by their aggression. 

"In a playoff game, to be able to have 20 free throw attempts [from Jimmy] -- and those were all collisions. It's not as if he's flopping his way to the line. He's putting his body in there and drawing contact and making you have to make the call."