According to a report from Anthony Puccio of Front Office Sports, the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets are nearing a deal involving James Harden. Puccio was one of the first reporters to reveal Kyrie Irving's interest in signing with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

While the deal isn't "official", sources say the Nets and Rockets have a "verbal agreement." It has been speculated that the Nets' offer would be built around Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen and pick compensation. 

Harden declined a two-year, $103 million extension with the Rockets.

Harden has been seeking a trade to the Nets coming on the heels of working out with Kevin Durant over the past few weeks on the West Coast.

Houston prefers to trade Harden to an Eastern Conference team.

Update: Puccio reported on the Thursday morning after the draft that the Nets still believe they have a verbal agreement, but the Rockets have not been commutative for the past 24 hours.