The players, coaches, staff and media who participated in the NBA's bubble environment in Orlando have openly discussed or alluded to the mental strain it took on them, but playing outside of a bubble with protocols to contend with a global pandemic has similarly been difficult.

"Two issues I think are clearly already rearing their heads," said Zach Lowe on his podcast.

"Number one, as life, and I'm sure you've heard the same stuff from players, coaches, everyone in the traveling party that I've heard: As life on the road and at home comes closer and closer to resembling the bubble except the fact in most cases you're with your family when you're home, there's this same sort of mental strain and anguish and challenges of just...

"I haven't heard one person who is enjoying this season at all. Again, that's a first world problem... This is a long period of time and I do think it's going to take a mental strain on players and coaches and GMs. So that's one issue.

"The other one is I think we're beginning to see, not a divide, but certainly differing approaches between basketball people and medical people on teams."