Zach LaVine will be a free agent in 2022 and the Chicago Bulls are limited in what they can offer him in an extension due to his four-year, $78 million deal. LaVine is making $19.5 million this season and will make $19.5 million the next.

"Because of that contract, because they can only build off that [$19.5 million] number, even if he wants to extend, he can only extend for four years and $105 million, which would be tens of millions of dollars less than his maximum salary," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "So I think it is unlikely LaVine extends this summer. Unless... Unless, the Bulls do a renegotiation and extend.

"This is rare in the NBA. You take salary cap space and instead of spending it on a free agent, you give it to a guy currently under contract and boost his salary up. So if he's scheduled to make $19.5 million next year. Let's say the Bulls had $10 million in salary cap space, they could him that extra $10 million, bump up his salary to $29 million and then extend off that. They could give him four years off of that. Now, you're talking about a contract in the $150 million to $160 million range. It would be a $40 million to $50 million difference."

Windhorst also referenced how Jimmy Butler wanted the Minnesota Timberwolves to do this for him in 2018.