The Houston Rockets offered their general manager job to Jay Bilas in 2007 before eventually hiring Daryl Morey. 

Bilas played collegiately at Duke in the 1980s and then played in Europe for a few seasons before becoming an assistant coach at Duke while attending law school. Bilas became a broadcaster for ESPN in 1995.

Bilas detailed the possibility of running the Rockets during an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski. 

Bilas was initially approached by a headhunter to gauge if he would have interest in working for an NBA team in a front office capacity. The headhunter didn't initially identify the team with interest, which was eventually revealed to be the Rockets. 

Bilas flew to Houston to meet with Leslie Alexander for several hours and then returned to his home in North Carolina. 

Alexander later requested Bilas meet with him again, this time at his home in La Jolla, California. After the two spoke for about 45 minutes, Alexander offered the general manager job to Bilas.

Bilas responded that he would like to accept the job but they would have to discuss terms.

Bilas eventually negotiated with Alexander's lawyers and were unable to agree to a deal.